Read on for a brief introduction to me and my climbing history. Check out my climbing videos and more about me on my competing and outdoor climbing pages and visit the blog for all the latest Louis Parkinson happenings!

About Me
“Between 14 and 17, I was practically living at my local climbing centre…it wasn’t because I was fiercely determined to be the best – I just LOVED climbing! And I feel the same way now! I think the people I teach really feed off of that passion.”

I first started rock-climbing when I was 13, attending weekly lessons at the Castle Climbing Centre in North London. A year later, the place became a second home for me as I climbed there for several hours after school almost every day.

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Soon after this, I began entering competitions. Although some ended in bitter defeat, I was determined to improve and have since gone from strength to strength, picking up a menagerie of tips and techniques over the years.

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I regularly compete in competitions and go outdoor climbing when I can. I also keep track of my training and climbing development in my blog.

For lessons, I focus on teaching indoor bouldering (climbing without ropes or harnesses) and provide necessary safety knowledge and practices to help clients climb safely.

“I like to teach bouldering as I think it’s the best way to learn and build strength quickly, and it looks amazing! Ultimately you learn to pull off impossible-looking moves whilst making everything look effortless.”

As a climbing competitor, I am kindly sponsored by a number of businesses that believe in my climbing ability, and I’m sure you will too!

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