What can climbing do for you?

Get fit with a fun, exciting and sociable hobby. Bin that monotonous gym routine!

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Build impressive strength and muscle tone

Improve your:

  • strength and muscle tone for upper and lower body – specifically abdominal muscles, arms, legs, shoulders, back and fingers
  • agility and precise body movement
  • flexibility and balance
  • stress levels
  • self-confidence, motivation and concentration
  • mental and physical wellbeing
  • problem-solving skills

Both The Huffington Post and Livestrong have also recommended rock climbing due to its many other physical and mental health benefits.

Louis Parkinson - Shoulder

Climbing is a fun and addictive full-body workout

If I’m not that strong or fit, can I still climb?

Of course! Climbing is a natural ability that we all posses, no matter how old, fit or strong you are. It just takes practice and some helpful guidance.

Climbers as young as 5 and as old as 80 are by no means unusual in the climbing world!

But don’t I have to lift my own weight?
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Do I really have to be able to do this?

No! Technique is more important than strength for tackling most climbing walls. Good climbers rely on their legs as much as possible rather than their arms.

With an experienced teacher like Louis, you’ll be climbing in no time, and the more you climb, the stronger and fitter you’ll become.

See a short example of one of Louis’ lessons on technique below:

I’m a little scared of heights!

Don’t worry – this is a totally natural feeling and will ease over time the more you go climbing. Louis teaches bouldering, a style of indoor climbing where the maximum height is at a low 4.5 metres.

Safety is also Louis’ number one concern – the indoor climbing centres he teaches at are well maintained and have soft, padded flooring to reduce the chance of injury. You will also learn all necessary steps toward climbing safely.

Louis also holds a CWA qualification for supervising climbers on purpose-built artificial climbing walls and holds an up-to-date First Aid Certificate.

Louis Parkinson - Blurr - Bouldering

Indoor bouldering walls have low maximum heights of 4.5m

In Summary

Rock climbing provides:

  • many physical and mental health benefits
  • a fun and exciting way to get fit
  • clear challenges to meet and a fantastic sense of achievement

So why not try out one-on-one climbing lessons with the friendly, experienced and highly recommended instructor, Louis Parkinson. Book a lesson today with one of the UK’s top climbers and start a healthy, new and exciting way to exercise.

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